Three Crowns (3C) is pleased to announce the publication of partner Scott Vesel’s piece, “Reasons for Reasons: Implications for ICSID Annulment of the Procedural Nature of the Requirement to State Reasons.” The article was published in Russian for New Horizons in International Arbitration, Issue 6, from the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration.

Scott’s piece offers a new approach to ICSID annulment for failure to state reasons. “The case law is all over the map, occasionally blurring the distinction between annulment and appeal,” stated Vesel, a partner in 3C’s Bahrain office. “The drafting history of the ICSID Convention and practices of other courts point toward a principled standard based on the recognition that the purpose of a reasoned decision is to ensure that the procedure has been a fair one.”

The entire publication, including Scott’s article beginning on page 380, can be downloaded here.  An English version of the piece is slated for publication later in 2020.

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