Three Crowns is honoured to have been selected as Partner of the Year by Wilderness Leadership & Learning (WILL), a non-profit organisation that inspires and assists youth from underserved communities to make good decisions, become effective leaders, and achieve their goals by providing diverse growth experiences and challenging learning opportunities.  WILL is recognised by the Catalogue for Philanthropy as one of the best community-based non-profits in the Greater Washington region.

For its Partner of the Year selection, WILL considers “individuals or entities that have truly been incredible friends and supporters of WILL, who, in a significant way, have assisted WILL to meet our mission and achieve our goals, as we positively impact the lives of underserved DC youth.”

Three Crowns has supported WILL since the firm’s first year of operations in 2014, with firm attorneys and staff regularly volunteering to support the organisation.  Luke Sobota, a partner in the firm’s DC office, also serves on its board.

WILL will recognise Three Crowns at its upcoming ‘Power Party’, scheduled for Saturday, June 5 from 7:00 – 7:45 pm ET.  Additional details are available here.


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