Three Crowns is pleased to announce the publication of “Investments in Unsettled Maritime Boundary Contexts: The Role of Bilateral Investment Treaties in Delivering Certainty,” a paper authored by Kathryn Khamsi for the ICSID Review – Foreign Investment Law Journal.  The paper was published on March 24, 2020 by Oxford University Press.

In the paper, Kathryn:

  • Considers the legal uncertainties that overlapping sovereign claims in offshore areas create for investments
  • Canvasses the commitments that States can accord to address these legal uncertainties, whether unilaterally or through inter-State authorities that jointly regulate areas subject to overlapping claims
  • Considers the role of bilateral investment treaties in enforcing such commitments, and otherwise addressing the legal uncertainties generated by overlapping maritime claims
  • Examines analogies to other situations where investments are subject to the sovereign rights of more than one State

The paper can be downloaded here.

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