One of the founding principles of Three Crowns is a strong belief in using the skills and expertise of its attorneys to better serve international causes that accord with the firm’s ethos.

Where we are able to make a tangible difference, we regularly work alongside other organisations to support existing legal projects and missions which serve and advance important causes. For example, members of our team:

  • Acted as Mission Rapporteur on a delegation sent by the IBA Human Rights Institute to examine the independence of the Cambodian judiciary and to make recommendations for its improvement. That report was published by the IBA on 17 September 2015.
  • Drafted a U.S. Supreme Court amicus brief filed in support of an application for a writ of certiorari for Mr. Bobby Moore, relating to the excessive length of Mr. Moore’s detention on death row (over 35 years, with over 14 years in solitary confinement).  The Court granted certiorari on another basis, relating to the relevant standard for determining intellectual disability.  In a 5-3 decision, the Court ultimately vacated the Texas court’s judgment and remanded the case, holding that Texas had erred by applying outdated and unscientific standards in determining Mr. Moore’s intellectual disability claim.
  • Co-delivered four, two-day human rights training courses in Ramallah for judges and prosecutors of the Palestinian Authority in a project organised by the Slynn Foundation, the Palestinian Judicial Institute, and the EU Police Cooperation mission to the Palestinian Authority.
  • Prepared a discussion paper at the request of the Center for Justice & Accountability regarding the War Crimes Unit (pôle judiciaire spécialisé en crimes contre l’humanité et crimes de guerre) of the Tribunal de grande instance de Paris.
  • Coordinating with Birthrights, an NGO working on maternity rights in the UK, on, among other things, a project to provide legal advice to vulnerable expecting mothers.
  • Acting as counsel for a media group against a State in a claim to be filed before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights. The matter pertains to alleged violations of the owners and employees of a media group’s freedom of expression and right to property arising from crippling financial and other penalties imposed upon the group pursuant to the State’s Media Law.

Uniquely, Three Crowns is also dedicated to developing pro bono projects internally on issues which the firm considers important and which are not fully addressed by others. For example, 3C associates have developed a detailed proposal paper on the possibility of establishing an international mechanism for the compensation of victims of all acts of war. The firm is presently engaging with non-governmental actors dedicated to this and related causes. 3C has also written a paper on States’ international legal obligations relating to migrants and refugees and is in discussions with various NGOs on projects to advocate for a change in the legal framework around migrants and refugees.