Elizabeth Chan, a member of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution’s  (CPR) Young Leaders in Alternative Dispute Resolution (Y-ADR) Steering Committee, is conducting interviews with lawyers and others in the conflict management field, from in-house corporate counsel to ombuds, as part of the Y-ADR Interview Series. Each interviewee is asked to share their perspectives on dispute resolution mechanisms and their advice for young practitioners.

This series is part of Y-ADR’s goal of educating the next generation of leaders on the full spectrum of dispute prevention and resolution mechanisms and to provide an insider’s view into how CPR’s community of corporate counsel, law firm counsel, and other experts in the field are using dispute prevention and resolution techniques to manage conflict.

All interviews are included below.

Brittany Mouzourakis, Counsel, Complex Litigations at General Motors

Brittany Mouzourakis provides advice on the skills required for a career in law and looks at the role of outside counsel and what they can do to best assist in-house counsel.

To watch the interview, please click here.

Jason Klingensmith, Assistant General Counsel at General Motors

Jason Klingensmith explores opportunities for young practitioners in international arbitration, dispute resolution in the automotive industry, litigation funding, and virtual hearings.

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Timothy Shore, former Vice President & Ombudsman at Pfizer Inc.

Timothy Shore talks about his experience as Ombudsman, his views on restorative justice and conflict resolution, as well as providing career advice for young practitioners.

To watch the interview, please click here.

Mathias Goh, Regional Legal Counsel, Carlsberg Asia

Mathias Goh discusses factors to consider when negotiating dispute resolution clauses, the difficulties of multi-tiered disputes clauses, what he looks for when selecting external counsel for a matter as well as when designating an arbitrator, his experience with virtual hearings, and his advice for young lawyers including the importance of reputation and brand.

To watch the interview, please click here.

Kelly Xing, Legal Counsel for General Motors

Kelly Xing discusses General Motors’ presence in China, including its joint ventures, a multi-tiered approach to dispute resolution that focuses on resolving disputes at the management level, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on disputes risks for General Motors.

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Karl Hennessee, Senior Vice President and Head of Litigation, Investigations and Regulatory Affairs at Airbus

Karl Hennessee speaks on his broad remit at Airbus, which extends to litigation, investigations, and regulatory affairs, and the usefulness of different alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tools for different contexts.

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John Packer, Senior Legal Counsel at Bechtel Corporation

John Packer discusses his experience in Europe and the Middle East, his transition from private practice to in-house, his specialisation in the construction industry, and factors he considers in drafting a dispute resolution clause, with a focus on adjudication.

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Nick Barnaby, Staff VP and Associate General Counsel at General Dynamics

Nick Barnaby covers a wide range of topics related to dispute prevention, dispute resolution, and advice for private practitioners interested in moving in-house.

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Chris Campbell, Senior Counsel, Litigation, at Baker Hughes

Chris Campbell discusses the comparative advantages and disadvantages of international arbitration, challenges that arise in the negotiation of dispute resolution clauses, what he is looking for when selecting external counsel, and his proactive role in arbitral proceedings. Chris also looks at the importance of diversity in the field and having a more environmentally-friendly approach to arbitration. He provides advice for young practitioners as well as talks about his podcast “Tales of the Tribunal”, and his charitable initiative “Arbitration Idol 2.0”.

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Allen Waxman, CEO & President at CPR Institute

Allen Waxman explores preferred tools for dispute resolution in the life sciences sector, his experience of mediation, the importance of understanding the client, and best practices for managing costs and budgets.

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Tope Adeyemi, former Financial Ombudsman at the Financial Ombudsman Service

Tope Adeyemi discusses the role of the Financial Ombudsman, accountability, documentation reform, best practices for reviewing documentation, and the transferable skills she has gained from working at the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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Elizabeth, an associate in the London office, specialises in international commercial and international investment treaty arbitration. She has represented both investors and States across various jurisdictions and has practised international arbitration in London, New York, and Hong Kong.

Elizabeth holds roles in several organisations focused on gender diversity, thought leadership in dispute resolution and prevention, and Asia, including as a Board Member of ArbitralWomen, a Committee member of the Asia-Pacific Forum on International Arbitration, a member of the Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge’s Young Practitioners Subcommittee, Secretary to the European Advisory Board for the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR), and member of the CPR’s Young Leaders in Alternative Dispute Resolution Steering Committee.

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