Charles Kotuby’s edited book Recognition and Execution of Foreign Arbitral Awards: A Concise Guide to the New York Convention’s Uniform Regime, co-authored by Friedrich Rosenfeld and Franco Ferrari, has now been published in Spanish by Marcial Pons Librero. This edition, which was translated and prepared by Juan Ignacio Stampalija, provides an analysis of case law from major arbitration jurisdictions, including from Latin America, to explain the New York Convention’s uniform scope of application, the duty to recognize arbitral agreements and awards, and the procedure and formal requirements for enforcing them.

To access the English version online, click here.

To access the Spanish version online, click here.


Chuck is Of Counsel based in the firm’s Washington, D.C. office. His practice focuses on international commercial and treaty-based arbitration, transnational litigation, and public international law. Previously a partner at an international law firm, he spent over twenty years as an international law counsel representing multinational corporations and sovereign states in complex international disputes.

Chuck is a Professor of Practice at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, an Honorary Professor at Durham Law School and a Visiting Professor of Law at the Kyiv School of Economics. Chuck is a member of the United States Government Delegation to UNCITRAL Working Group III on Reforms to Investor-State Dispute Settlement and the U.S. State Department Advisory Committee on Private International Law.

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