Anish Patel and Maanas Jain have been appointed as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively of two Leadership Teams forming part of the recently established Racial Equality for Arbitration Lawyers (REAL) organisation. The Leadership teams have been created to support REAL’s work to redefine diversity and intersectionality in the international arbitration space for future generations. Anish will act as Chair on Committee 1: Community Building, Networking & Scholarship and Maanas will act as a Vice-Chair on Committee 5: Conferences & Events. Both will serve an initial two-year term.

ABOUT REAL – Racial Equality for Arbitration Lawyers

REAL is a group of global lawyers practising in international arbitration and striving to achieve racial equality for arbitration lawyers. REAL aims to focus on racial equality and representation of un(der)represented groups within one’s own country and at the international level more generally, create a platform for addressing discrimination and implicit bias issues, and to make international arbitration more equitable by collaborating and supporting other initiatives dealing with diversity and inclusion. The group also strives to address unique problems posed by intersectionality and create a safe space for un(der)represented groups in international arbitration.


Maanas, an English-qualified barrister and senior associate in the London office, has advised, represented, and conducted advocacy for corporations in complex, high-value commercial and investment treaty arbitrations in a broad range of sectors (including energy, finance, technology, and infrastructure) under all major arbitration rules. He has extensive experience handling disputes involving States or State entities, as well as cases with an Indian connection.

Maanas also advises and represents parties in arbitration-related court matters. Most recently, he appeared as counsel in the UK Supreme Court on behalf of the ICC in Halliburton v. Chubb.


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