Selection Criteria for the Jan Paulsson Scholarship

Preference will be provided to those who are nationals of least developed countries, as defined by the United Nations on an annual basis here, and who have retained ties to that country. Nationals of other developing economies with demonstrable ties to those countries will also be competitive.

In addition to meeting the criteria above, candidates must have a demonstrated financial need and will submit an essay up to 750 words in length describing their interest in international arbitration and how the MIDS LL.M. will advance their aspirations.

Applications for the scholarship will be reviewed by Three Crowns following confirmation of an acceptance by the university and an initial screening by the applications team to confirm that they meet the criteria defined above.

The Programme

The MIDS curriculum teaches dispute settlement from a holistic perspective and covers all of its aspects, both private and public. It is global in terms of format and faculty. The professors are some of the most prominent experts in each field of international dispute settlement and come from the United States, South America, Asia, Africa, and throughout Europe. Its structure combines the multicultural approach to legal studies in Continental Europe with the interactive teaching method of the United States and the small-group tutorial system of Oxford and Cambridge. Class size is kept relatively small to ensure maximum interaction between faculty and students.

Further details about the MIDS program and its application process is found here.