Maud is a paralegal in the Paris office. She works on investment and commercial arbitration cases governed by a range of applicable laws, various industry sectors and conducted under several institutional rules. Maud is also involved in the firm’s pro bono practice. Her work area is Case Management in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Maud is a former intern at the Secretariat of the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. She has been involved in multiple Mediation projects in Beirut and Paris.

Maud holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Saint-Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon and a Master 2 in International Commercial Law from Paris-Nanterre University, France, within which she focused her thesis on the study of the advantages and disadvantages for parties to resorting to Conciliation in ICSID proceedings, in comparison to Arbitration. She also holds a Certificate of Proficiency in Professional Mediation Practice. She speaks fluent Arabic, French, and English and has good knowledge of Spanish.