Whatever the precise fee structure, we are committed to accurate budgeting for each phase of the work, and to reporting on-budget compliance in a timely and transparent manner. We are also committed to comprehensive and transparent time entries for all fee-earners and itemised accounting for any expenditure incurred (charged at cost).

Our firm’s structure and size permits flexibility in staffing and pricing, ensuring that clients receive value without waste.  In particular, it is our expectation that we will be more successful in fielding a leaner team than most other firms, with a corresponding saving in fees that is not reflected in a pure comparison of hourly rates.  Additionally, unlike other firms, we do not typically engage barristers to conduct advocacy at any hearing, yielding further savings to our clients.

Unlike many larger firms, we are also open to alternative fee arrangements. These include fixed fees and/or risk-sharing arrangements pursuant to which we defer a portion of our fees in exchange for some form of upside in case of success. We are available to discuss these upon request.